For the past two decades Tom has endeared himself to audiences across the U.S. and Europe with a unique delivery of story and song that's both transporting and intimate. Offering his recordings on a pay-what-you-will basis has always reinforced the kind of gathering-of-friends his concerts have become.      
 “This affords me and my listeners the risk and reward - the connection inherent to giving. I believe there’s no such thing as an independent artist.. my grassroots family has kept me buoyant over the years, and helped me celebrate the uncertainty of doing things a bit outside of the music industry.. but it's always felt more like a calling than a career.”       - Tom
In addition to his concert schedule, Tom conducts workshops throughout the year on song-craft, performance and the intersections of faith and art.


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What listeners are sayinG:

"For many years now, Tom has offered his craft to us, expanding our imagination and peeling back that shadowy curtain so that we might encounter fresh glimpses of grace. Tom has called us to our truest selves, called us more deeply into love, into life, into God. I’ve always appreciated the elegance and integrity of Tom’s music. Novelist (and Christian) Madeline L’Engle once said, “If it’s bad art, it’s bad religion, no matter how pious the subject.” We have too much bad art (and bad religion) with God’s name clumsily stamped on top. Thankfully, Tom offers a competing (and compelling) vision."

- Winn Collier,  Author,  Pastor,  All Souls Charlottesville

"I love it when I come across an independent artist that's exceptional. In the grand scheme of things, many independent artists are independent for a reason. Without going into all that, Tom Conlon is like a well kept secret that needs exposing to the world at large. 
A modern day troubadour, Tom Conlon has been doing his thing, which is, "songs and stories from a road less traveled" since 1996 and, to date, has put out eleven albums. His latest, RECKONING DAWN was recorded live at Euonia in Charlottesville, Virginia in July of 2016.
At first glance, the beautiful cover art may impress one into thinking the musical contents are ominous and foreboding. Not so, the opening track 'Answer' moves and feels as if Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn are all on your front porch. That's about the closest one can do to describe Tom Conlon's sound. It's so fresh, unique and intimate that it has a classification of its own. The band of Tom on guitar and vocals, Orlando Palmer on keys, and Nick Asby on drums ( or brushes...rarely have I heard a musician do so much with so little ) are stripped down, with tasty interactions in an acoustic format. Call it folk music, with minimalist, jazz sensibility from a group with great musical chemistry. Each instrument has a distinct voice ( Orlando Palmer has a touch that is blessed ) and the production value is perfection personified."
- Edward Milano, Live Album Review
“Where argument and reason fail to persuade, music and narrative move the heart.  I was first drawn to Tom Conlon because he is a transcendent guitarist.  Once I began listening, though, I was captivated by how this intellectually agile man created music and story conveying beauty, truth, and goodness.  Augustine said that preaching aimed to “teach, delight, and persuade.”  The hearer should say, “I learned something; I was moved; and I’m going to do something about it.”  In that sense, I would call Tom a really good preacher, and his music and stories convey really good news.”
- Rev. Dr. John Chandler, author, leader at Spence Network